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correct, I changed it for next week. it is 9 this week
Isn't C4N starting @9pm pst tonight due to Dead's availability?
Congrats Oom on your new baby.
I can fill in for Oom if need be. I'll pop on around 7:30.
No Oom tonight staying at the hospital everything went great.
Pub side first 4/5!
Now let's take the cake.

[Click to see a video of the insane kill!]

Ythera Nice job guys. ...

Day 1 - 2.5/5 NiM DF!

Tabbouleh a posted Apr 8, 14
Grob is pretty much dead.
Channel 4 News + Late Night team 1.5/5!

Yata Hey, Sexy Time is 1.5 too ...
Tabbouleh a It was meant to confuse. Stay confused, it's better that way; sort of like the American education system.
Rah The title is confusing. So are we 2/5 now or 5/5 or 3/5 xD
Phobos looking for anyone to fill the following temporary spots:

Channel 4 News (NiM DF):
Tues 4/8 7:30-10:30pm PST - Healer
Thurs 4/10 9:00-11:00pm PST - Healer
Mon 4/12 9:00-11:00pm PST - Healer

Midnight Team (NiM S&V/DF):
Tues 4/8 11:50pm PST - Weds 4/9 2:30am PST - rDPS
Thurs 4/10 11:50pm PST - Fri 4/11 2:30am PST - rDPS
Mon 4/14 10:00pm PST - Weds 4/9 12:30am PST - rDPS

These spots would be filled in addition to other team commitments (if any). The replacement is not restricted to guild members only, but non-guild members must provide proof of ability.

Send Potato or Claimed a mail in-game to fill the spot. Make sure to note which teams/days/times you can fill in.

The Hateful Dead

Tabbouleh a posted Mar 17, 14

WarDrake Nice!
Zirnitra Wow, that's awesome!! Congratulations guys!
Paladin Ooooo pretty! So when do the open events start?
Well earned though... check out this kill video for the Warlords on that run. 

Rah High detail characters, low detail mount =P (example: look at the head and cannon texture) I'd still tap that ...
FreakyD o #sweg
samfisher0325 THIS ASSHOLE
The Harbinger
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